Do you rent kids bikes?
Yes we offer bikes for kids and also offer Child seats and trailers.

What kind of bikes do you rent?
Primarily we rent electric and hybrid bikes in addition to kids’ bikes.

Do you rent helmets?
Yes, Helmets & Hi Viz jackets are also provided for your safety, for both adults and kids.

What should I wear?
Weather can be unpredictable so we encourage you be prepared.  It is encourages all riders bring some sort of rain gear/wind breaker in the event of a shower.

What happens if I get a flat?
In the event you get a flat during your rental, first get to a safe area and dismount the bike.  Next, we ask you call us and we will advise of next steps to get you back on the road or trail. Packing a mobile phone and putting the rental shop number in your contact list is recommended for all bike renters.